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Let’s improve your Skills!

If you have come this far, it is probably because you have already been introduced to the world of WBL, you have learnt about the phases of the facilitation process and the skills required of a facilitator in teaching-learning processes based on WBL.

And you have probably done your own self-assessment of your profile as a facilitator and identified your own areas for improvement (upskilling and reskilling).

In this School we offer you a selection of four skills that are considered fundamental in the WBL facilitation process. These skills have been selected based on the extensive experience in WBL of the educational organisations that make up the consortium of this project.

If you access each of the four skills, you will find a series of resources and materials to get further training. Each of them has a very simple and practical structure:

  • a brief definition
  • an explanatory video by the team of facilitators
  • a number of resources to help you learn more about them
  • an activity to check that you have understood them in depth.

At the end of the activity, you will also be able to access a summary infographic that you can save and consult whenever you want.

So… Which one would you like to start with?





Does your institution want to customize and provide educational support for this course?

The aim of this file is to provide flexibility for those institutions that wish to implement an online course, based on the resources developed within the framework of the iWobal project.

Each institution can tailor it to its current situation, providing a response based on its understanding and approach to WBL, while also considering its training opportunities available.