Welcome to the first class of the School: Introduction. You should be familiar with the domain and the new rules of dual education right from the start.

Here you will gain a deeper understanding of the Dual Facilitation Learning Guide. In particular, you will have access to a specific resource on the i-Wobal moodle platform for WBL process facilitators. You will have to view a number of resources and explanatory videos and do some activities included at the end of each one of them. You will find four sections:

  • General overview
  • Introduction to the General Context and Partners
  • Overview and Goals of the Guide
  • 5 target groups of the Guide

Once you have completed the introduction, you can then go through the rest of the School’s classes. Go for it!

To access the introduction, you can log in to the virtual class by clicking on the following link

and entering the following data:

  • Login: guest
  • Password: i-Wobal-2024