Dual Competence training

You have reached Skills training!

As you saw in the previous class, there are a number of Skills that are key in Dual Facilitation processes. Do you remember which ones? Do you want to test yourself?

How do you feel? Do you identify yourself as a good dual facilitator? Do you think you have the necessary competences to do so? People are different and everyone has different training needs. What are yours?

What is your result? We propose a selection of four skills in which you can train yourself to improve your profile as a facilitator.

If you access each of the four skills, you will find a series of resources and materials to get further training. Each of them has a very simple and practical structure: a brief definition, an explanatory video by the team of facilitators, a number of resources to help you learn more about them and an activity to check that you have understood them in depth. At the end of the activity, you will also be able to access a summary infographic that you can save and consult whenever you want.

So… Which one would you like to start with?