3rd National Multiplier Event, REGENSBURG (Germany)

Nov 7, 2023

OTH Regensburg successfully conducted a significant event on November 7th as part of the Erasmus+ “i-WOBAL – International Work Based Learning in Higher Education” project. The workshop, titled “Practice Meets Innovation: Connecting the Strengths of Dual Studies,” was led by Prof. Dr. Markus Westner. It focused on enhancing the training of facilitators for work-based learning models and aligning educational strategies with market needs.

The event witnessed the participation of numerous representatives from various companies, providing diverse perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in work-based learning. Interactive sessions and the introduction of the i-WOBAL Didactical Guide were central to the workshop, aiming to tailor education programs to the requirements of dual students.

Additionally, Best-Practice Workshops on recruiting and supervising dual students, moderated by Mrs. Köpf and Prof. Dr. Westner, facilitated knowledge exchange and practical insights. The event concluded with a networking session, highlighting OTH Regensburg’s dedication to fostering collaborations and enhancing work-based learning models in line with the i-WOBAL project’s objectives.

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